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South Coast Kindness Initiative

NEWPORT BEACH, CA, MARCH 8, 2021 - South Coast Investment Advisors announced the launching of the South Coast Kindness Initiative, an ongoing campaign designed to spread joy in the local community through small acts of kindness. The idea…

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A Shifting Economic Landscape

Fadel Lawandy, Director of the Hoag Center for Real Estate and Finance at Chapman University will be joining the South Coast team to discuss a shifting economic landscape. As inflation continues to dominate headlines and less accommodative policies likely to increase volatility, Mr. Lawandy offers insight into strategies that may hedge inflation, broaden the opportunity set and potentially earn stronger returns.
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The Hunt for Yield

Recessions follow rate hikes. Both the stock and bond market face an uphill battle as the cost to borrow increases to combat inflation. It may be time to rethink the traditional portfolio. Institutional investors have been using structured notes to create higher yields and protected growth for decades. Only recently through technology have these strategies been available to everyone. In this discussion, we outline how and where structured notes are a fit.
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