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E-8: Following the Smart Money

As the economy continues to recover from the COVID recession, we take a look at where large institutional investors are allocating funds.
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E-6: Qualified Opportunity Zones

Chris and Kelly discuss QOZ funds and how high net worth clients are using these structures to defer, reduce, and eliminate capital gains tax.
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E-5: Red Hot Housing Market

The housing market across the United States is on fire, but how long with this environment of multiple all-cash offers last?
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E-4: Meme Stocks

Speculative stocks are making headlines on Wall Street as retail investors continue to look for ways to “get rich” and stick it to the proverbial man.
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E-3: Biden Tax Plan

The Biden Tax Plan is one of the largest attempts to redistribute wealth in generations. Chris and Kelly discuss the impact of an increase in corporate tax as well as what happens when the estate tax exclusion is reduced and step-up in basis goes away.
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E-2: Crypto Currency

F.O.M.O. is the fear of missing out. Crypto currency is all the rage at the moment, and investors don’t want to feel left behind.
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E-1: Inflation Everywhere

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and ensuing economic crisis, the United States government approved trillions of dollars of fiscal and monetary support.
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