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Provizion Sports and Entertainment is a division of South Coast Investment Advisors specifically tailored to fit the needs of professional athletes and entertainers.

We understand the work and commitment these professions demand. Our services allow our clients to completely focus on their craft, while we work in close partnership with their trusted advisors: Agent, CPA, Trust Attorney, and the rest of their team to maintain each client’s personalized financial plan.

We take the time to educate our clients on complex solutions for the issues professional athletes and entertainers face, specifically in regards to taxation. Our focus is on preserving capital that is structured to produce reliable income to help our clients achieve a lifetime of financial independence. Provizion partners with the best financial and lifestyle resources in the industry. We strategically align our clients with companies that will offer them a full range of support services.

From before you sign your first contract, through retirement and beyond, Provizion is here to expertly advise and protect your success. We know that managing your wealth and lifestyle is imperative, now and into the future. We help our clients realize their full potential and leave a lasting legacy.

Financial Planning and Wealth Management

Our approach to intelligently personalized portfolio management begins by providing clients access to a broad spectrum of asset classes and sophisticated investment strategies.

Our managers have deep expertise in equity and fixed income investments, which typically form the foundation of client portfolios. Depending on each client’s investment objective, we may complement our manager selections with those specializing in alternative or unique areas of the market such as real estate, secured debt, and energy. This disciplined and conflict-free investment process provides opportunity for greater diversification, as each client portfolio is constructed within our strategic allocation framework and then personalized to align with each client’s personal goals and risk tolerance.

Account Aggregation, Budgeting and Spending Reports

The Vault is where we build each client their own personal family wealth website.

Daily updates of all accounts are consolidated in one place and presented in a way that is clear and easy to understand. Clients have access to their full financial picture on their smartphone through our app, updated automatically on a nightly basis. The Vault is where clients can store important documents such as contracts, wills, trusts, insurance documents, and passports in an electronic format. The Vault also tracks spending habits allowing us to create budgets to manage cash flow. The Vault serves as a compass, helping us stay on track to accomplishing our clients’ goals and objectives.

Tax Preparation and Bookkeeping

Earnings generated by professional athletes and entertainers are complicated and often come from multiple states creating complex tax situations.

We understand the complexity of tax laws as they relate to celebrities. Tax returns are prepared by professional certified public accountants who are experts in the field and understand our clients’ unique needs. We focus on tax advantaged investing and strategies allowing our clients to keep more of what they make.

Estate Planning and Asset Protection

We’ve partnered with several leading tax attorneys specializing in the design and implementation of comprehensive estate plans that most appropriately meet the needs and objectives of our clients.

Estate plans typically include basic foundational documents such as wills, living revocable trusts, and durable powers of attorney for assets and health care. Some of our more complicated situations may require a client to have a specialized trust (Asset Protection Trust, Charitable Trust, Irrevocable Trust, etc.) or entity and plan structuring (Family Limited Partnership, Private Foundation, etc.). No matter how complex the situation, our partners are highly effective at developing long-range estate plans utilizing a combination of tools and devices and resolving tax issues while allowing our client to maintain control of assets, receive higher current income, reposition assets properly, and reduce current gift and estate taxes.

Family Foundations and Non-profits

Provizion has partnered with the Foundation Group, America’s most experienced, most trusted resource for nonprofit formation and compliance services.

With over 15,000 nonprofit clients served since 1995, our team of experts work with all types of charitable and nonprofit clients coast to coast. Our process allows clients to avoid missteps during formation that could potentially put a nonprofit vision at risk. Our professionals take each client’s vision and mold it into a nonprofit entity that will survive the test of time. Applications and filings are delivered to the IRS accurately and in full compliance. Plus, clients have the comfort of knowing that any IRS questions or concerns will be handled on their behalf.

Branding, Licensing and Endorsement

We believe it is important that every professional athlete and entertainer think of themselves as a brand.

The term branding has long been relegated to companies, but today almost every individual has a personal brand. At Provizion, we know the importance of guiding and cultivating this brand rather than letting it be defined on our clients’ behalf. We work with leading professionals to create a long term personal brand strategy. We help shape an image and cultivate a career to the fullest, and simultaneously provide inspirational, strategically developed national and international public relations and marketing campaigns. We help our clients leverage their celebrity to create value and multiple streams of income. Through strategic relationships, our clients gain access to a portfolio of top retail relationships around the world.

Concierge and Lifestyle

Provizion works with the top Concierge & Lifestyle Services in the world, offering the highest levels of luxury service to our clients.

These premium services include private travel and transportation, executive protection, and a premiere global concierge services. Clients enjoy access to exclusive, private membership organizations dedicated to connecting exceptional and inspirational individuals both socially and professionally.

Real Estate and Relocation Services

Most athletes will move several times throughout their career, and actors can be on set for months at a time.

Provizion has partnered with the Dingman Group, the most trusted Professional Athlete Relocation Company across all 5 major sports worldwide to make the relocation process as simple and painless as possible for our clients and their families. Services include world class management of real estate transactions whether they may be short-term or permanent as well as expert assistance with household goods and vehicle transports. The Dingman Group ensures a seamless and successful relocation with the highest level of services and attention to our clients.

NFL Combine Preparation and Offseason Training

Provizion has partnered with world class trainers to provide Combine, Pro Day and Off Season training.

We work with each client to develop a training strategy putting our athletes in the best possible position for success to learn the game at a higher level, play faster, have outstanding measurables and compete at the highest level. The trainers we work with have produced more than 30 top 10 NFL Combine performers. Clients also have access to a network of seasoned position coaches and elite professional athletes to train with in the offseason. Making sure each client reaches their full potential and leaves a lasting legacy is our number one goal as we help our clients on their journey to perfect their craft.

Strategic Partners and Services:

  • Financial Planning and Wealth Management – South Coast Investment Advisors
  • Account Aggregation, Budgeting and Spending Reports – South Coast Investment Advisors
  • Tax Preparation and Bookkeeping – Haynie & Company
  • Estate Planning and Asset Protection – Larsen & Risley, Rochford Law Group
  • Family Foundations and Non-profits – The Foundation Group
  • Branding, Licensing and Endorsement – JNLX, Persona PR
  • Concierge and Lifestyle – Avari World, Karma International
  • Real Estate and Relocation Services – The Dingman Group, RE/MAX Signature Services
  • Offseason Training 


All investments and tax strategies have risks. Past performance and/or forward looking statements are never an assurance of future results. This is neither an offer to sell nor a solicitation of an offer to buy any security. Investment strategies such as diversification and asset allocation do not ensure a profit or protect against loss in a declining market.

Provision Sports & Entertainment, a division of South Coast Investment Advisors and its Strategic Partners are not affiliated.

Investors should consult with their own tax advisor or attorney with regard to their personal tax situation.

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