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KBS Strategic Opportunity REIT Tender Offer

KBS Strategic Opportunity REIT has commenced a self-tender offer for up to 8,234,217 shares of common stock at a price equal to $10.93 per share, or approximately $90 million of Shares.

The self-tender offer is being made in order to make liquidity available to stockholders in excess of what’s permitted under the REIT’s share redemption program, which was suspended for March, April, and May 2018 as a result of the tender offer. Any redemption requests in the queue were cancelled and will need to be resubmitted after the close of the self-tender offer.

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In response to Everest REIT Investors I’s mini tender offer, a letter from KBS will be sent later this week to KBS Strategic Opportunity REIT stockholders with the board’s recommendation to reject it, as well as inform stockholders of the REIT’s self-tender offer.

To view the Everest tender offer, CLICK HERE »

To view the response letter from KBS, please CLICK HERE »

To view the Letter of Transmittal for those stockholders wishing to participate in the REIT’s self-tender offer, CLICK HERE »

Disclosures: For informational purposes only. This is neither an offer to sell nor a solicitation of an offer to buy shares of KBS Strategic Opportunity REIT; the primary offering for KBS Strategic Opportunity REIT closed effective November 20, 2012. Offering is only made by prospectus. This information must be preceded or accompanied by a prospectus in order to understand fully all of the implications and risks of the offering. Neither the Attorney General of the State of New York nor any other state regulators have passed on or endorsed the merits of this offering. Any representation to the contrary is unlawful.


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